Royal Wind Orchestra Delft

The Royal Wind Orchestra Delft (in Dutch, the Koninklijke Harmoniekapel Delft) is an active, high quality and vibrant musical association in Delft. We have two distinct and wonderful wind orchestras. Throughout the year we play at various occasions in Delft, the surrounding areas and sometimes even abroad.

Join us

We can imagine that when you are a musician and living, working or studying (temporarily) in Delft you would like to keep playing your instrument and at the same time get to know some real Dutchies! We regularly have (PhD) students, visiting professors/scientists or expats playing in our orchestras, so you are welcome to join us for a short or longer stay.

For instance, Robert Bertini from the US became member for a year (2011-2012): Playing horn with the Harmoniekapel during my year living in Delft was truly one of the highlights. The members welcomed me with kindness and friendship, and despite not speaking Dutch (I was nervous about this!), I was able to quickly get comfortable in the rehearsals. It was helpful to learn the rehearsal numbers in Dutch after a few times! The coffee breaks at the rehearsals were great for getting to know the other members, and the performances were exciting and satisfying. Still more than 3 years later when I return to Delft I see fellow band members and it is great to reminisce about my wonderful year in Delft!”

Robert Bertini (US) and the French Horn section in 2012

Our two orchestras, De Kapel and de Kleine Harmonie, mainly differ on the musical and technical levels. In addition, there is some difference in the choice of compositions they play. De Kapel is an ambitious orchestra and likes a challenge, while the Kleine Harmonie focuses mainly on the pleasure of making music together. You can choose one of the orchestras depending on your experience, skill level and whether you prefer playing light/popular music (de Kleine Harmonie) or fancy a mix of classical, light and original wind orchestra pieces (de Kapel). Information about playing in one of our orchestras is available through our secretary or you can feel free to email us at: We also encourage you to visit one of our rehearsels – you can join us for coffee at our break, and you might even want to bring your instrument!

Attend our concerts

You can spot us during events in Delft such as ‘lichtjesavond’ (Christmas celebration in Delft), Kingsday and Monumentsday (monumentendag), but we also organise our own concerts in and around Delft. Check out our agenda when and where we play or follow us on social media to be up to date. The announcements will probably be in Dutch, but we would love to give you all necessary details via our social media or in person, so do not hesitate to ask us!